Simon says:

What I do

I'm Simon Rönnqvist, a 35 year old, self-employed web developer, with a BA in media from Arcada polytechnic in Helsinki, Finland. I specialized in multimedia, which basically means web developement.

For living I'm freelancing developing websites. Before I worked as a webmaster at my school, and before that with computer support (mainly Mac and Linux) and giving yoga-classes. For more info see my portfolio.

These are also mainly my hobbies, along with freediving, Ki-Aikido and other things to develop body and mind. From fourth to eighth grade in elementary school I was doing Aikikai-Aikido ('ordinary' Aikido). I was also into scouting and very much into computers during about that same period of time. Starting from the early 90's I've been a Mac and internet enthusiast, if you understand Swedish you can read an article from the local newspaper about my first homepage.

Who I am

OK, so I'm supposed to tell you who or what I am. I told you what I do, I guess that was easier to figure out. Anyway, I try to be a human being and not a human doing. :-) This used to be a bit hard, but since I and my wife Maja got our son Noah it's been much easier. Now again doing anything besides family things is a bit hard.

Picture of me and Maja
Me and Maja were classmates, but now we've graduated. We also both happened to come from Ostrobotnia in the middle of Finland and speak the same Swedish dialect, so the cultural differences are minimal. :-)

Well that's enough smalltalk for today. ;-) And I still didn't manage to tell you who I am, so I guess I don't really know. I guess that's life's big mystery to figure out.

"I am that I am"
- Exodus 3

simon AT iki DOT fi
MySpace-tastelessness warning! ;-)

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